Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Top Ten Favs for September/October

I’M BACK. I know, I know - I’m a slacker. I’ve been really distracted by some other projects recently, so.

But, I couldn’t let you get too far into November without telling you about my favorite things from the months of September and October (yes, I’m combining the two months into one list since, as previously mentioned, I’ve been a slacker and have neglected to update you on the goings-on of my life at all so far this fall). So, without further ado, My Top Ten Favorite Things For The First Half Of Fall 2012, (Possibly) In Order Of Their Occurence:

1. Fall Shopping
I'm sorry, did I mention FALL SHOPPING?

2. Teavana
Tea connoisseurs, rejoice! I am now the proud owner of my first-ever loose leaf tea steeper. I got a steeper, a warmer, and some nifty loose leaf teas from Teavana (the white tea I got comes in these little balls that BLOOM into a FLOWER when the tea is done steeping). The flavor quality of loose leaf tea is very good plus it just seems more legit to prepare it that way, kind of like how Anthony makes his coffee in the French press every morning except I wouldn’t know if that way is superior to other forms of coffee preparation because  I don’t actually drink coffee but I’ll take his word for it.

3. One Tree Hill and The Vampire Diaries
Did you know that One Tree Hill is one of the greatest shows ever? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME? Anthony and I started watching it on Netflix in September and are already in season 8 (yes, we have a problem and, yes, I’m okay with it). I also watched all of the Vampire Diaries episodes that were on Netflix, just in time to get caught up for the new season. I tend to strongly enjoy (most) vampire-related shows/movies, particularlywhenthosevampiresareDamonSalvatoreYUM.  

4. Glee Season Premiere
The new Glee season premiered in September. I was afraid I might not like it anymore because the seniors graduated and people are scattered around now, but it’s actually been working for me so far. Except the last episode was so sad with everyone breaking up and crap - I cried. I should be ashamed to admit that but  I’ve cried at WAY sillier things than Glee, so. This Thursday will be the end of a month-long break (random?) so I’m looking forward to it starting back up again. Kurt and Rachel are two of my favorite characters so I'm glad they ended up in New York together. I don't why, but I just love Kurt to death.

5. Visit from Brian & Company
My baby brother, sister-in-law, and niece came to visit us at the end of September. It was tons of fun! We went to the orchard and Lexi and I made a cobbler with the yummy apples that we picked. Also, my brother told me that the combination of my burgundy skinny jeans and Most Comfiest Ever brown ankle boots from Express reminded him of both a hipster and that one episode of Full House where D.J. secretly procures a horse without her father’s permission. Thanks?

6. New iPod
My old ipod had a whopping 3G of memory on it - they don’t even sell them with storage space that small anymore; we actually got that one for free with a laptop. Granted it was free, and served its purpose, but it was somewhat disheartening having to pick and choose which downloaded music on the computer I wanted to upload to my device since, clearly, not even close to all of it was going to fit. My fantastical husband surprised me, however, and bought me a new one that has 160 gigs of memory – ONEHUNDREDANDSIXTY. I could pretty much put every album I ever even remotely liked on there, plus stuff of Anthony’s that I despise (except, why would I do that?) and still have room for more. I’ve really been enjoying it and enjoyed it even more about ten days after he gave it to me when I discovered that he had even gotten it engraved on the back (yes, I get the Most Observant Person Of The Year award, hands down).

7. Mumford & Sons/Taylor Swift
While we’re on the subject of music, Mumford & Sons and Taylor Swift released new albums in September and October, respectively, and since I had ROOM for them on my new ipod I made sure to procure them as soon as possible. Anthony and I have loved Mumford & Sons since back before it was trendy, AND I WAS SO EXCITED that they were finally putting out a new album – and even more excited that it was good. Taylor’s new album is definitely her most unique to date, mostly because she went way pop-y with it. I like that kind of music but I just adore Taylor and feared I might feel betrayed that she was straying from her country roots and jacking with the image of her music that I have so lovingly ingrained into my mind – I actually really enjoy the album, though. So thanks, Taylor, for not disappointing me and for making my husband like you more than he did when you only sang country music and for putting CHARLOTTESVILLE and DC on your 2013 tour schedule. Thank you.

8. We Decided To Go On Vacation
We decided to go on vacation! In January! At a super sweet cabin in the Smoky Mountains! I realize that you may be thinking, why are you mentioning this now? Shouldn’t you be doing that in January after you actually GO on vacation? Oh, I will. But the mere knowledge that we’re going is awesome enough to merit a spot in my list this time. I’m so excited.

9. Visit From Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad came to visit and it was fun. And I got to see Mom in this giant pair of waders with the overall straps and rubber boots attached and everything. So, that was a win.

10.   Hot Water In The Shower
Okay, I know you might be thinking, hot water? Doesn’t every first world individual have the opportunity experience this luxury every time they step inside the shower? Um, no. Up until last month my showers taken in our apartment were this Piss-Poor Lukewarm Or At The Most Technically Warm But Not Even Remotely Warm Enough Much Less Hot excuse for a proper bathing experience. I would actually dread having to take a shower because the experience was so Not Pleasant. Fun fact about me: I like my showers fricking hot. If my skin isn’t red when I get out, it wasn’t hot enough. So, you can imagine the disdain I felt towards showering in genral (I still did it, don't worry), up until last month when ALL OF A SUDDEN, FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON, THE WATER STATRED COMING OUT HOT. Like, LEGITIMATELY HOT. Like, HOT BY MY STANDARS, hot. EVERY DAY. Granted, I can’t take a long shower if I want it to be hot the whole time, but I CAN LIVE WITH THAT. This has literally improved the quality of my existence by exponential proportions. You don’t even know.

So, that was my Top Ten Favorite Things From The First Half Of Fall 2012, (Possibly) In Order Of Their Occurence. Tune in next month (no, really) for ten more examples of awesomeness.


  1. What!? Gabe and Bella did not make the list?? ACK! :- ) I understand liking hot showers. I love taking baths just to thaw out in winter! Love being warm!!! Also, I am loving the tea experience. How funny that Anthony drinks coffee. So does Bill. Hot chocolate is my hot beverage of choice but it has a lot of calories- trying to be good and lose some weight. Great list!

    1. Lol, I almost added some pictures of them at the end, just because - maybe I still will :) I love taking hot baths, especially in the winter, but our water doesn't stay hot long wnough to fill the tub - at least I can now take a hot (albeit, quick) shower! Hot chocolate and tea are both yummy - ick to coffee, though. I suppose I could acquire a taste for it if I really tried. I can't really do caffeine anyway, though.