Friday, July 13, 2012

Top Ten Fav's From the Month of June

Top Ten Favorite Things from the Month of June:

 1. Anthony Returning From Field Training, or The Day I Got My Sanity Back
These ten things are in no particular order but, if they were, this one would still be numero uno. Anthony was gone for four weeks (or a month, whichever sounds longer and more heart wrenching)  at Air Force ROTC Field Training or, as I like to call it, the Evil Land Of No Phone Or Internet Access. Field Training is basically a place where officer trainees get to apply some of what they've learned thus far in the program, get a taste of what it's like to be deployed, and prove they have what it takes to hack it as an officer in United States Air Force. And that they can shower, eat a full meal, get their living quarters inspection-ready, and run five miles in exactly 90 seconds while being screamed at by Scary Guys in Intimidating Sunglasses. I was really glad he had such a great time, but ohdearLordImissedthatman. Having him home again has literally been the greatest thing since boxed mac & cheese and I also learned I am actually his fourth wife, an oversight I'm glad has been brought to light after all this time.

2. Long Weekend in G-town       
While Anthony was gone I went to Gloucester for a long weekend and got to see lots of family & friends. I also scored some great maxi dresses for $15 bucks at TJ Maxx and got served by the Hottest Waiter Ever at Red Robin.

3. My Nephew Was Born
This blessed event happened to take place during my long weekend in Gloucester (yayayay) but it deserved it's own place in the Top Ten, for obvious reasons (Hottest Waiter Ever declined the slot). Drayden Reed graced us with his presence about 7:00 on Saturday morning, June 2, after a sleepless night of hospital chairs, vending machine snacks, and ohmygoshWHYdidwegethereat2AM. And, thanks to my rebel mother, who told the doctor that the hospital could take their No Filming the Birth In Case We Do Something Stupid rule and feed it to their donkey, there is now video evidence of the whole shebang.      

 Now's the part where you get to admire how cute my nephew is.

4. "Heaven Is Here"

My MIL gave me a great book she had recently finished called "Heaven is Here", a memoir written by Stephanie Nielsen (mother of four and only a few years older than me), who was in a small plane crash with her husband and sustained burns over 80 (yes, EIGHTY) percent of body Her story recounts the details of her idyllic life leading up to the crash, her physically and emotionally harrowing recovery process, and how she was able to find her joy again. It was one of those books that I finished in about a minute because it was hard to put down, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a good, easy read or for something to make themselves realize how lame most of the stuff they complain about really is and how many seemingly insignificant (though, actually, Highly Significant) things they take for granted on a daily basis. Yajerks.

5. Aeropostale Polos

 Aeropostale had their polos marked way down because, apparently, they're a Fall Item but, being the rebel that I am (thanks, Mom), I decided I would rock some this summer. Not only did they have basically every color ever created by God or man, they had several different styles AND they actually rang up lower than the marked clearance price, which was already very acceptably low imo. An Interesting Thing I discovered whilst trying them on was that the large (this is not a typo) actually fit more to my liking than a medium or small, which pretty much never happens with any item of clothing ever because I am destined to be eternally housed in the body of a twelve year-old. Granted, I'm a lessthanayearawayfrom30 year-old who was shopping at store designed for People Who May Or May Not Be Old Enough To Drive but, still, it was weird. Anyway though, the shirts are great and I love how polos can give a casual look a slightly sharper, sportier edge without it looking like you're trying. And, without it being painfully obvious that you still shop at stores whose target age demographic you exceeded about 10 or 15 years ago.

 6. "Snow White & the Huntsman"
Here are my thoughts on SW&TH:
- I really enjoyed the landscapes/scenery, special effects/cinematography in general, and minor characters such as the Band Of Dwarves, the Fairytaleish Woodland Creatures, and the Weirdass Mirror.
- Charlize Therone makes a BAMF wicked queen.
- One word: eyecandyofthemalepersuasiontimestwo
- It was fun to compare Kristen Stewart's Snow White to her Bella Swan - and, really, not that difficult.

7. Sperrys
OHMYSperrys. I had never owned a pair of Sperrys prior to last month, but I do now and I love them LOVETHEM. Plus, I now fit perfectly into the college town I hail from, where "Do you own or are you planning to soon purchase one or more pairs of Sperry foot ware?" is one of the first questions on the university's admissions application.

8. Library Card
I got a LIBRARY CARD. Commonly used to CHECK OUT BOOKS FROM THE LIBRARY and READ THEM FOR FREE. How I managed to live here this long without procuring one of these devices is beyond me but, since the situation has been rectified, I guess it doesn't really matter. Now I can read All The Books and, hey, do you know who Library Card's initials remind me of?

9. Season Premiers, or Vampires + Gordon Ramsey = A Bloody Good Time
The answer to #8's trivia question is none other than Alcide (pronounced, basically, like LC), one of True Blood's most eligible werewolves. True Blood's 5th season premiered in June, and things are already hella crazy in Bon Temps. Master Chef & Hell's Kitchen (both Gordon Ramsey shows) also had season premiers air last month and I love that they are still showing new episodes of each one back to back two days in a row. If I had to compare Gordon as a Master Chef judge to an original AI judge, I would say he's Randy (Joe & Graham are definitely Simon & Paula, respectively), but on Hell's Kitchen, he's just Very Scary. I love him and his Very British Accent on both shows, although Master Chef is my favorite show between the two.


10. Community, or We're The Only Species On Earth That Observes Shark Week
I'm sure that, with all these great long-time favorite shows coming back around last month, one would assume that I had no time with which to discover any new material for my viewing pleasure. Ha. Enter, Community, a sitcom about a group of unlikely friends from the same community college Spanish class that band together during a fake study group meeting. I don't know what to say, you just have to watch it. We've been watching it on Hulu.              


Anyway, those were my Top Ten Things from the month of June, as best as I could recall them. Stay tuned for July's Top Ten next month.

Happy Friday the 13th. Here is a picture of a black cat to make all you superstitious people feel super uncomfortable.

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